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The consumption rate and the lifespan of the electrical appliances is heavily affected by the quality of the supplied electricity, as it has not the same values in all parts of the utility grid. This can be very troublesome for electricity customers.

We develop our own technologies and software solutions for monitoring, analytics, regulation and stabilization of electrical parameters. In simple terms, we provide the tools designed for complete energy management which SMEs and facility companies can use as tools for getting very useful data about their operations.

Our sophisticated tools use the predictive analytics, AI and neural networks, which increases the business value. You can access all functionalities through the ENERTIG Client Portal - a web application with clearly arranged and user-friendly interface.

We want to optimize the consumption rate, find the needles energy consumption or sources of low efficiency or find out the way how to protect the appliances and energy network - that is our goal.

All these adjustments bring considerable financial savings.



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ENERGYMETER - Power analyser & Impulse SMART MODUL

ENERGYMETER is a 3-Phase power analyser with both wireless or cable transmission of monitored parameters - it is delivered as a standalone hardware or it can be combined with other products and services provided by ENERTIG.

ENERGYMETER is equipped with - as we designed it - integrated inputs for monitoring of the impulses coming from other monitoring devices - e.g. water meters or gas meters.

Every ENERGYMETER is equipped with integrated outputs for potential conditional controlling of other electrical circuits (great solution for controlling of power maximums per quarter hour in facilities with high voltage electricity supply).

SMART MODUL is a separate product designed for monitoring the consumption impulses from up to 6 electricity meters, water meters or gas meters.


The monitored parameters can be displayed in three ways

  • 1 “ENERTIG View Panel” - the external display which shows all parameters measured by the analysers which can be shown in graphs as well. The possibility of wireless transmission among the analysers enables the ENERTIG View Panel - it can be placed both directly on the place where the analyser is installed (e.g. in the distribution point) or somewhere else (e.g. on the other side of the hall).
  • 2 The monitored parameters can be displayed on PC through remote desktop connection with the ENERTIG View Panel. This local solution is suitable for the companies which want to have a simple monitoring system and energy network management if they already use another recording system where the data can be stored.
  • 3 The best solution is to combine the ENERGYMETER with the ENERTIG SYSTEM platform. The analyser data are displayed through a web application in the ENERTIG Client Portal, which ensures more detailed and comprehensive energy management.

Basic information about the ENERGYMETER

Autonomous system with integrated analytical functions for real-time evaluation

You can perform conditional controlling through integrated outputs

Central data collection & processing

Wi-fi connection

Impulse inputs for other monitoring of electricity, water or gas

Open API for your data systems

Current measuring up to 3200A

Unique SMART GRID system

Ready for INDUSTRY 4.0

More than 20 quantities can be measured

Voltage [V]

Current [A]

Active power [W]

Reactive power [Var]

Apparent power [VA]

Frequency [Hz]

Power factor

Phase shift [°]

Active power per time [Wh]

Reactive power per time [Var]

Apparent power per time [Weight]

Harmonic Distortion (Voltage) – THD

And much more...



Current overview of monitored parameters (external display, PC, web)


Very accurate measurement


Energy network monitoring and real-time grid load


Online-accessible data



Regulator and stabilizer (RGS)

All electricity customers have the right to have the exactly defined quality of electricity which is defined by the standard ČSN EN 50160.

One of the guaranteed parameters of the supplied electricity is, among others, the voltage amount. As the various loads are constantly being connected and disconnected (i.e. the appliances being used) in one specific settlement supplied from one transformer station, a power fluctuation can emerge.

It means that that the voltage in one plug can vary between 207V and 253V. Such fluctuation can impact your appliances very badly!

Too high voltage can shorten the appliances lifespan and increase their power consumption and - on the other hand - too low voltage causes that the appliances work incorrectly, so that they cannot be used in their full potential and it shortens their lifespan as well.

Regulators and stabilizers oversee and improve the efficiency of the monitored electrical circuit; they regulate and stabilize the output voltage into the electrical circuit used, they can modify the defective power factor, they filter the harmonic voltage and current elements, they protect the electrical circuits of your facilities against transitory effects which emerge during the energy supply. These technologies provide provable and significant saving in all electrical circuits where common appliances and devices are in use.


The RGS technology is produced in five models - HOME, LIGHT, BASIC, STANDARD and HIGH - they can be extended or combined according to customers’ needs.

The HOME products are intended for use at home only. The LIGHT products is are designed only for electrical circuits with installed lighting load (e.g. gas-discharge lights, halogen lamps or fluorescent lighting in the halls or on the streets).

The versions BASIC, STANDARD and HIGH are usually installed into all buildings, sites or facilities with the combined load in electrical circuits.



rgs complet enertig


Basic information about the RGS technology:

Electrical energy regulation in the circuit at the customer’s place

Reduction of additional operational costs and costs for appliances’ maintenance

Lifespan extension (up to 40%)

Extraordinary return of investment

High-quality technology

The energy savings vary between 4% - 20% (according to the appliances in the circuits and individual operational parameters in electrical circuits in customer’s facilities)

These products can be purchased or rented

The system supply can also be provided as a service (net costs)



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